Decorating a Cake With Reese’s Cups

Decorating a cake with Reese’s Cups has become increasingly popular in recent years. The irresistible combination of chocolate and peanut butter not only adds a delicious flavor to the cake, but also creates a visually stunning design. Whether you’re baking for a birthday party, special occasion, or simply want to indulge your sweet tooth, decorating with Reese’s Cups is a fun and versatile way to elevate any cake.

Reese’s Cups have long been admired for their rich flavor and creamy center, making them the perfect choice for cake decoration. Not only do they add a burst of sweetness to every bite, but their distinctive shape and vibrant colors make them an eye-catching addition to any cake design. From simple patterns to intricate designs, there are countless ways to incorporate Reese’s Cups into your cake decorating repertoire.

One of the great things about using Reese’s Cups as decorations is how readily available they are in most grocery stores. You can easily find them in various sizes and styles, allowing you to choose the right type for your specific design needs. Whether you prefer miniatures, regular size cups, or specialty flavors such as white chocolate or dark chocolate, there is no shortage of options when it comes to decorating your cake with Reese’s Cups.

So why settle for ordinary when you can create an extraordinary cake using Reese’s Cups? In the following sections of this article, we will guide you through everything you need to know about decorating a cake with these irresistible treats.

From gathering supplies to troubleshooting common challenges, we’ll provide you with all the information and inspiration you need to bring your own unique creation to life. So grab some Reese’s Cups and let’s get started on turning that plain cake into a work of art.

Gathering Supplies

When it comes to decorating a cake with Reese’s Cups, gathering the necessary supplies is an essential first step. To achieve the best results, you will need to have the right ingredients and tools on hand. The main items you will need include a cake mix or homemade cake batter, frosting, Reese’s Cups in various sizes, and any additional decorations or embellishments you desire.

For the cake itself, you can choose between using a pre-made cake mix or baking a homemade cake. If you opt for a pre-made mix, be sure to follow the instructions on the box for best results.

However, if you prefer to make your own cake from scratch, there are various recipes available that pair well with Reese’s Cups, such as chocolate or peanut butter flavored cakes. It’s important to let your baked cake cool completely before moving on to the decorating process.

In addition to the cake and frosting, you will also need Reese’s Cups in different sizes. Miniature cups work well for small accents or borders, while regular-sized cups can be used for larger design elements. Be sure to have enough Reese’s Cups on hand based on your desired design and size of the cake. Other optional supplies include additional candy decorations like sprinkles or chocolate drizzle for added flair.

To find these supplies, you can visit your local grocery store or supermarket. Many stores carry a wide selection of baking products including cake mixes, frostings, and candy like Reese’s Cups. You may also want to check specialty baking supply stores or online retailers for more specific items or unique decoration options. Some stores may even offer themed Reese’s Cups during certain seasons or holidays which can add an extra touch of creativity to your decorated cake.

Preparing the Cake

When it comes to decorating a cake with Reese’s Cups, it is crucial to start with a well-prepared cake. Follow these steps to ensure your cake is baked and cooled properly for optimal decoration.

  1. Baking the Cake: Begin by selecting the best type of cake that will complement the flavors of Reese’s Cups. A popular choice is chocolate cake, as it pairs perfectly with the rich peanut butter taste of Reese’s Cups. However, you can get creative and experiment with different flavors such as vanilla, caramel, or even peanut butter cake.
  2. Cooling the Cake: After baking your chosen cake recipe according to instructions, allow it to cool completely before attempting any decoration. This step is crucial as warm cakes may cause melting or misplacement of Reese’s Cups during assembly.
  3. Leveling and Layering: To create a stable base for your Reese’s Cups decorations, make sure to level your cake layers using a knife or a leveling tool. This step will help prevent any lopsidedness when stacking multiple layers. Additionally, consider adding a layer of frosting between each layer of cake to provide stability and enhance the overall taste and texture.
  4. Crumb Coating: Before applying any final frosting or decorations, consider giving your cake a crumb coat. A crumb coat is a thin layer of frosting that helps seal in stray crumbs and creates a smooth base for your decorations. It also improves the adherence of Reese’s Cups to the surface of the cake.

Now that your cake is properly prepared and ready for decorating, you can move on to planning the design and arranging your delicious Reese’s Cup decorations.

Remember that patience and attention to detail are key during this process. Take your time and enjoy every step as you bring together two beloved treats – cakes and Reese’s Cups.

Planning the Design

When it comes to decorating a cake with Reese’s Cups, the options for design are endless. Whether you want a simple and elegant look or a whimsical and fun vibe, there are plenty of design ideas to consider. Here are some tips and inspiration for planning the perfect design for your cake.

Design Options:

There are several different ways to incorporate Reese’s Cups into your cake design. One popular option is to create a border around the edges of the cake using mini Reese’s Cups. This gives the cake a unique and eye-catching look while also providing a delicious surprise when guests take their first bite.

Another design idea is to create a pattern or patterned arrangement on top of the cake using regular-sized Reese’s Cups. This can be done by arranging them in rows or creating a specific shape or image on top of the cake. For example, if you’re decorating a birthday cake, you could spell out the person’s name using Reese’s Cups as letters.

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If you’re feeling extra creative, you could even try making 3D decorations using Reese’s Cups. For example, you could mold melted chocolate into various shapes and attach them to miniature Reese’s Cups to create flowers or other small figures that can be placed on top of the cake.


If you’re not sure where to start with your design, there are plenty of sources for inspiration. One option is to search online for images of cakes that have been decorated with Reese’s Cups. You’ll find everything from simple designs to elaborate creations that will surely get your creative juices flowing.

You can also look for inspiration in everyday objects or events. For example, if you have a sports-themed event coming up, consider incorporating Reese’s Cups into a design that represents your favorite team or sport. Or if you’re planning a wedding, think about how you can use Reese’s Cups to add an elegant touch to your cake design.

No matter what design you choose, remember that the most important thing is to let your creativity shine. Have fun experimenting with different ideas and see what works best for you. And don’t forget to take pictures of your masterpiece to share with others and inspire them to try their own Reese’s Cups cake creations.

Assembly Techniques

When it comes to decorating a cake with Reese’s Cups, the assembly technique is crucial in order to ensure that the candies are securely attached to the cake. Follow these step-by-step instructions to achieve a professional-looking design:

  1. Prepare the Reese’s Cups: Before starting the assembly process, it is important to unwrap and prepare the Reese’s Cups. Make sure they are at room temperature so they are easier to work with. Also, lightly grease your hands or a small knife with vegetable oil to prevent sticking.
  2. Attach the Reese’s Cups: Begin by deciding on the desired placement of the Reese’s Cups on the cake. You can choose to cover the entire surface or create a specific pattern or shape. To attach them, simply press each cup gently onto the frosting or buttercream of the cake, ensuring that it sticks firmly.
  3. Create Different Designs: If you want to explore different design options, consider using alternative methods for attaching the Reese’s Cups. For example, you can melt some chocolate chips and use them as adhesive by dipping each cup in melted chocolate before attaching them to the cake. This will create a smooth and glossy finish.
  4. Experiment with Arrangements: Don’t be afraid to get creative with how you arrange the Reese’s Cups on your cake. Try creating different patterns such as stripes, flowers, or even spelling out words with miniature cups. The possibilities are endless.
Design OptionAssembly Technique
Striped PatternAttach Reese’s Cups in alternating rows horizontally and vertically
Flower DesignCreate a circular shape with Reese’s Cups as the petals, attaching a central cup for the flower center
Word DecorationArrange miniature Reese’s Cups to spell out desired words, using melted chocolate as adhesive if necessary

With these assembly techniques and design options in mind, you are ready to create a visually stunning cake decorated with Reese’s Cups. Remember to have fun and let your imagination guide you as you transform a simple cake into a delectable work of art.

Enhancing the Decorations

After successfully attaching Reese’s Cups to the cake, it’s time to enhance the decorations further to create a visually appealing and delicious masterpiece. While Reese’s Cups alone can make a stunning cake decoration, adding some additional embellishments can take it to the next level.

Complementary Flavors and Textures

To enhance the flavor profile of your decorated cake, consider incorporating other flavors that pair well with chocolate and peanut butter. For example, drizzling melted chocolate or caramel sauce over the Reese’s Cups can add richness and decadence to each bite. You could also sprinkle chopped nuts or crushed cookies on top for added texture and crunch.

Whipped Cream and Frosting

Using whipped cream or frosting as a base for your Reese’s Cup decorations can not only provide a smooth canvas but also add an extra layer of sweetness. Consider using chocolate or peanut butter flavored frosting that will complement the flavors of the Reese’s Cups. You could even pipe small dollops of whipped cream around the edges of the cake for an elegant finishing touch.

Creative Designs

Think outside the box when it comes to the design elements surrounding your Reese’s Cup decorations. Consider adding colorful sprinkles, edible pearls, or chocolate shavings around the base of the cake for an eye-catching border. You could also use different sizes or shapes of Reese’s Cups to create patterns or spell out a message on top of the cake.

Fresh Fruit and Edible Flowers

For a touch of freshness and natural beauty, incorporate fresh fruit slices or edible flowers into your decorations. Strawberries, raspberries, or banana slices can add pops of vibrant color against the chocolate backdrop, creating an enticing contrast on your cake. Edible flowers like pansies or roses not only look stunning but also provide a subtle floral fragrance that complements the sweet flavors of the Reese’s Cups.

Remember, decorating a cake is an opportunity for creativity and personal expression. Feel free to experiment with different combinations of flavors and textures to create a unique masterpiece that reflects your own taste and style. Don’t be afraid to push boundaries and try new ideas – the possibilities are as endless as your imagination.


Decorating a cake with Reese’s Cups can be a fun and delicious way to add a unique touch to any celebration. However, like any project in the kitchen, there may be some challenges that arise during the decorating process. This section will address common issues that you may encounter and provide solutions and tips for overcoming them.

One common challenge when decorating a cake with Reese’s Cups is keeping them in place. The peanut butter cups tend to be heavy and may slide or fall off the cake if not properly secured.

To prevent this, ensure that your frosting acts as an adhesive by spreading a thin layer on the back of each Reese’s Cup before attaching it to the cake. You can also use toothpicks or skewers to hold the cups in place until the frosting sets.

Another issue you might face is melting Reese’s Cups. If your cake is too warm when you attach the chocolate cups, they may start to melt, losing their shape and becoming messy. Make sure that your cake has completely cooled before adding the Reese’s Cups. If you live in a warm climate or are serving the cake outdoors, consider refrigerating it for a short period before serving to keep the decorations intact.

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Lastly, sometimes you may find that certain designs or arrangements of Reese’s Cups do not turn out as expected. Don’t be discouraged. Experimenting with different patterns and layouts is part of the creative process. If you’re not satisfied with how your initial design looks, you can easily remove and reposition the peanut butter cups without causing damage to the cake.

By addressing these troubleshooting tips, you can overcome any obstacles that may arise while decorating a cake with Reese’s Cups. Remember that practice makes perfect, so don’t hesitate to try new techniques and designs until you achieve your desired result. Stay patient and have fun with this creative dessert project.

Displaying and Serving

After all the hard work of decorating a cake with Reese’s Cups, it’s important to think about how to display and serve your masterpiece. Here are some suggestions on how to showcase your decorated cake and ensure its visual appeal is maintained when serving.

Firstly, consider the presentation of the cake. One option is to place the cake on a decorative cake stand or serving platter. This not only elevates the cake, but also adds an elegant touch to your display. Another idea is to incorporate a themed backdrop or tablecloth that complements the colors of the Reese’s Cups and overall design of the cake. This can help create a cohesive look for your dessert centerpiece.

When it comes to serving, it’s best to use a sharp knife or cake server for clean cuts that maintain the integrity of the decorations. Be mindful of where you place each slice so that everyone gets a piece with Reese’s Cups on top. It can be helpful to gently press down on the Reese’s Cups before cutting into the cake, ensuring they adhere well and don’t fall off.

To preserve the decorations while serving, make sure to keep any leftovers covered in an airtight container in order to maintain their freshness and prevent them from drying out or becoming stale. If you plan on storing leftovers in the refrigerator, be aware that condensation may form upon removal, potentially affecting the appearance of the Reese’s Cups. Consider taking them out of refrigeration about 15-30 minutes before serving to allow them to come back to room temperature.

Remember, when it comes to displaying and serving your decorated cake with Reese’s Cups, creativity is key. Consider personalizing your presentation by adding additional embellishments such as edible glitter, chocolate shavings, or fresh fruit around the base of the cake. And most importantly, have fun sharing your creation with others and enjoy seeing their delight as they admire and savor every bite.


In conclusion, decorating a cake with Reese’s Cups is a fun and versatile way to add a unique touch to any celebration. The popularity of Reese’s Cups as a cake decoration can be attributed to their delicious taste and eye-catching appearance. By following the steps outlined in this article, anyone can create a stunning masterpiece that is sure to impress.

Starting with gathering the necessary supplies, it is important to have all the ingredients and tools ready before beginning the decorating process. This includes not only the Reese’s Cups, but also items like frosting, piping bags, and a sturdy cake base. With the wide availability of these supplies in most grocery stores and baking supply shops, finding everything you need should be relatively easy.

Once the cake has been properly prepared and cooled, it’s time to start planning the design. There are endless possibilities when it comes to decorating with Reese’s Cups – from simple patterns to elaborate designs. Drawing inspiration from various sources such as online tutorials or cake decorating books can help spark creativity and provide ideas for your own unique creation.

Assembling the decorations onto the cake requires some patience and precision. Following step-by-step instructions will ensure that each Reese’s Cup is attached securely without compromising the overall structure of the cake. It is also worth mentioning that there are alternative methods for creating different designs, such as using melted chocolate or frosting as an adhesive.

To enhance the decorations further, consider adding additional embellishments or incorporating other flavors and textures into the design. Fresh berries, drizzles of caramel or chocolate sauce, or even crushed cookies can all complement the Reese’s Cups beautifully.

While troubleshooting may be necessary during the decorating process, it should not discourage you from experimenting and trying new techniques. With practice, challenges such as melting chocolate or achieving clean lines will become easier to overcome.

Finally, once your masterpiece is complete, take pride in displaying it in various ways that showcase its beauty and preserve its decorations. Choosing an appropriate cake stand or platter and considering factors such as refrigeration and transportation will ensure that the cake stays intact until it is ready to be served.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Reese’s peanut butter cups melt?

Reese’s peanut butter cups are known for their smooth and creamy texture, which can be affected by heat. When exposed to high temperatures, Reese’s cups will indeed melt.

The chocolate coating and the peanut butter filling soften and may even become runny if subjected to excessive heat. Therefore, it is advisable to store Reese’s cups in a cool place to retain their shape and avoid melting.

What can I top a cake with besides frosting?

There are numerous alternatives for topping a cake besides frosting that can add flavor, texture, and visual appeal. One option is a dusting of powdered sugar or cocoa powder over the cake, providing a simple yet elegant finish. Another popular choice is fresh fruit slices or berries arranged artfully on top of the cake.

Whipped cream can also be a delightful substitute for frosting, adding a lighter and softer texture with its fluffy consistency. Additionally, ganache—a glossy mixture of chocolate and cream—makes for an indulgent topping that complements chocolate cakes perfectly.

How to decorate a chocolate cake easy?

Decorating a chocolate cake can be made easy with a few creative techniques that yield beautiful results. A straightforward approach is using a piping bag fitted with a star-shaped tip to create swirls or rosettes along the cake’s edges or in the center. This adds intricate detailing without requiring much skill or effort.

Alternatively, you can create chocolate shavings by carefully scraping shaved chocolate off larger blocks using a vegetable peeler or grater. Sprinkling these shavings on top of your cake offers an elegant touch while enhancing the overall appearance with varying heights and textures. Another simple but effective way is placing fresh flowers on the cake, ensuring they are non-toxic varieties suitable for consumption and avoiding contact with any frosting or filling to maintain food safety standards while achieving an effortlessly chic look.

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